UML class diagrams

Diagrams made with the free Lucidchart app.

The class name should be in bold font.

Class member visibility (attributes and operations) is indicated by the prefixes +, - and #:

Attribute types follow after a colon:

Operation argument types and return types follow after a colon, argument direction can be indicated by prefixes in, out and inout:

For constructors and destructors the return type is empty:

For abstract classes the name and abstract methods are in italics.

Static class members (shared among all instances) are underlined.



ChildClass “is a” (specialization of) ParentClass.

  • filled line with empty arrowhead from child to parent.

Realization / Implementation

RealizationClass implements InterfaceClass.

  • dashed line with empty arrowhead from realization to interface.


ContainerClass aggregates/collects (“has”) ContainedClass. Container and contained have different lifetimes (if the container is destroyed, the contained can live on).

  • solid line with empty diamond from container to contained.


Similar to aggregation, ContainerClass “has” ContainedClass but they have the same lifetime. The contained are destroyed when the container is destroyed.

  • solid line with full diamond from container to contained.

Document history

  • 02/05/22 First version. Class formatting & inheritance, realization, aggregation and composition relations.



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