Little Things

Photo by Juan Pablo Mascanfroni on Unsplash

It was the little things that got us. 85% of Earth’s biomass is plants, fungi and bacteria. The rest is animals, roughly half of which is insects and the other, smaller half fish. Everything else, including us, is in what remains. Insects outweigh us 20 to 1. Something got a hold of them, drove them into directed action against the pillars of human civilization. Harvests failed because grubs ate the seed before it could sprout, what managed to grow was devoured by locusts. The bees all committed suicide, no pollination. Every stinging thing carried deadly diseases. In a matter of a few years 99% of humanity died. The scientists never found anything conclusive. The insects were infected with a strange mix of bacteria and fungal parasites that we had never seen before, but it was clearly not intelligent, couldn’t be. So how could they coordinate? I don’t know if we will ever find out. We cower in the last outposts in Antarctica where the bugs can not survive, but the life-giving world we knew now has new masters. Their buzzing wings sing a song of triumph, and sound a funeral dirge for the apes that presumed too much.



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