Sci-Fi flash fiction

Raihan Kibria
2 min readJun 12, 2021


Photo by Oliver Hale on Unsplash

Samuel woke up to the sight of two flies copulating on his pillow. He brushed them away and yawned. He got up and shuffled through his tiny apartment to the bathroom, brushed his teeth. Toaster, bread, butter. Instant coffee. On the 7:50 bus to the facility. The guard at the entrance glanced at his badge and waved him through, barely seeing him. He put on his janitor’s uniform and pushed the floor cleaning machine out the closet, starting his big circle through the building. The eggheads in their white smocks were rushing around, doing whatever they did here at the facility. There seemed to be a lot of huddled conversations in otherwise deserted hallways today.

“… telling you, Jensen’s a hack, those settings on the collider don’t make the slightest sense!”

“… that paper of his is a confused mess! You can’t affect time with electromagnetic fields, it’s voodoo bullshit, how that ever got published in a reputable journal is beyond me.”

“… the results from CERN are undeniable, but what are the implications?”

“… standing wave in space-time centered at the origin, oscillating forever. It’s dangerous, we need more testing.”

“… what do you mean, tonight?”

Samuel caught snippets of conversations as he trudged his way through the halls with his whirring machine. Around noon he stopped at the cafeteria and ate his lunch, then back on his round again. The clock struck five and he was out the door, back on the bus. A few hours in his favorite bar. He was back on the bus, the clock struck five. On his rounds, then lunch. He took off his janitor’s uniform, boarded the bus home. He was eating breakfast. Samuel woke up to the sight of two flies copulating on his pillow.